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BIOPESTICIDES |Technology, biotechnology, pharmaceutical

Aarkstore Enterprise (India), July 12th , 2013:
This market insight report on Biopesticides gives an insight into the global Biopesticides market, segmented into different types including microbial pesticides, biochemical pesticides, macrobial pesticides, plant incorporated protectants (Bt Insect Resistance) and other (weedicides and termiticides) and their impact on various application areas such as cereals & soybeans, fruits and vegetables, cotton, ornamentals plants & turfs and other (Oil Seeds, Pulses, Plantation (Coffee, Tea & Sugarcane), Woody plants, & Forestry etc). The study includes estimations and predictions for the total global biopesticides market. Detailed emphasis on the adoption of GM (especially Bt Crops) worldwide and its strong effect in the developing countries is analyzed. Estimations and Predictions are provided by geographic regions encompassing North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Africa, Japan and Middle East. Compilation of Worldwide Patents and Research related to Biopesticides is also provided. Global and regional market analysis is done for 2005-2015 with 173 exhibits. Business profiles of 25 major companies are discussed in the report.

Table of Contents :
2.1 Introduction
Chemical Pesticides
History of Biopesticides
Development of Biopesticides
Biopesticides – Timeline
2.2 Segmentation of Biopesticides
Exhibit 1. Segmentation of Global Biopesticides Market by Type and by Crop
Biopesticides – Types
Microbial Pesticides
Biochemical Pesticides
Macrobial Pesticides
Plant Incorporated Prtectants (PIPs)/Bt (Insect Resistance)
Other (Weedicide & Termiticide)
Cereals & Soybean
Fruits and Vegetables

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