Suffolk Based Firm Have the Solution to Rising Damp

England – 03.07.2013 – Homeowners in Suffolk Are Within Reach of a Solution to Rising Damp

Whether they’ve had to live with the many problems which rising damp can cause, or have seen the unsightly signs and damage in another property, the majority of homeowners are aware of how to spot damp and would benefit from damp proofing in Suffolk.

The noticeable damp patches which normally occur approximately one metre above ground level, the obvious smell, and the damage to furniture and furnishings are just three ways to spot damp

There are a number of cause for damp, from damage to the outside of the property to inadequate air filtering internally, but whatever the reason for damp, the majority of homeowners would agree that having a home with rising damp is a far from pleasant situation.

The Implications
In addition to potentially causing a wide variety of respiratory problems, all of which can severely impact on health, damp has a number of additional ramifications. Not only can damp cause the entire property to seem cold, wet and add to levels of discomfort but properties with damp are unlikely to pass any building surveys meaning that a property with damp would be unlikely to find a buyer if the current owner decided to sell.

Thanks to these many implications, it’s little wonder that the prospect of dealing with damp causes so many homeowners to lose sleep.

The Comfortable Solution
Thankfully, there are two ways of dealing with damp; either by way of a solution to a problem which already exists, or in the form of a pre-emptive strike. Homeowners based in East Anglia can enjoy the many benefits of damp proofing in Suffolk, thanks to the efforts ofAdobing.

The company has been offering damp proofing, prevention and a further variety of services since 1973. As a specialist for 40 years, they recommend prevention rather than cure and when discussing their damp proofing service.

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