Douglass Door Service Advises Homeowners 25-Point Inspection Can Spot Garage Door Problems

Corona, California — Douglass Door Service is advising homeowners that a 25- point inspection can spot garage door problems before they grow larger. This 25- point inspection can help alert homeowners to the need for repairs or maintenance necessary to keep their garage door running smoothly. Necessary repairs can often be completed on the spot, saving homeowners the trouble of future costly visits. Homeowners are encouraged to call Douglass Door Service today to ask for this 25-point inspection.

Douglass Door Service has made repairs to garage doors in Corona, CA that are often preventable. A 25- point inspection such as that offered by Douglass Door Service can help to identify issues that are potentially problematic and allow homeowners an early opportunity to fix these issues. While Riverside garage door repair is often performed on an emergency basis, having a 25-point inspection before there is a serious problem is the best way to avoid costly garage door repair in Corona.

The 25-point inspection from Douglass Door Service includes a look at the springs, hinges, rollers, cables and other components of garage doors, including electric or mechanical openers. If repairs are needed, the professionals at Douglass Door Service will give a thorough estimate along with an explanation of recommended service. This allows homeowners to work on problems before they become expensive nuisances.

One of the most common findings during an inspection is broken or damaged springs. Broken springs can pose a serious danger to a homeowner and his or her family and should be replaced as soon as possible. Other problems may include rot, wear and tear, breakage from impact or a variety of other garage door issues. Douglass Door Service, locally owned and operated, can send professionally-trained repair workers immediately to deal with most garage door issues; often the job can be completed on the same day as the service call. Douglass Door Service also offers free service calls with repairs totaling $200 or more.

Douglass Door Service also offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee. Any customer who is not satisfied with a repair job can contact Douglass Door Service and the professional repair workers will either fix the problem or refund the price of the job. Douglass Door Service wants every customer to be happy and satisfied, whether the job was an emergency repair or a routine inspection and replacement.

About Douglass Door Service:

Douglass Door Service, offering garage door repair in Riverside as well as Corona garage door repair , is dedicated to quality garage door service. With a 25-point inspection and quick and easy repair services, it is no wonder Douglass Door Service is a favorite company for repair of garage doors in Corona, CA. Locally owned and operated, Douglass Door Service provides professional garage door repair in Riverside and surrounding areas at a low cost.

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