Established Agency Offers Homeowners Insurance in Louisiana

Alexandria, Louisiana (June 21, 2013) – Harlan Insurance Agency is offering homeowners insurance for Louisiana residents, which may prove valuable especially as the hurricane season has just begun.

With the season declared officially open last June 1st, local officials in southern Louisiana have been consistently reminding the public to prepare themselves for inclement weather. While officials say that relief personnel are on full alert with enough goods and equipment, they ask homeowners to review their emergency plans and make other arrangements for their safety.

Homeowners can also prepare by making certain they are sufficiently insured to fix any damage to their properties that a hurricane might inflict. Harlan provides customized insurance plans that help pay for liabilities to injured parties and damage from a variety of natural disasters. In obtaining a policy, they help clients consider all important aspects like costs and rates, coverage inclusions, and claims processes. They work closely with homeowners to help them secure policies suitable to their needs and budgets.

Owned by Mark and Wanda Harlan, the agency has been taking care of their clients’ needs throughout Louisiana for three generations. They take pride not only in providing sound advice and tailor-fit insurance, but also in extending care and friendship to everyone who contacts them.

The Harlan couple and their associates advise homeowners to check with their insurers and make certain they have enough coverage plus a smooth claims process in place. They also accommodate other people’s requests for quotes on car insurance in Louisiana and other coverage plans at today.

About Harlan Insurance Agency, LLC

Since 1985, the company has been offering comprehensive home, business, and health insurance that are customizable to meet their policy holders’ requirements. They insure residential and business properties, classic and commercial vehicles, and more. They specialize in finding the best coverage at the best rates for their clients. Embedded data.

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