The Essence of Diabetic Foot Care Burlington

Do you know that the highest incidents of lower leg amputation these days involved diabetic patients? These are known as non-traumatic lower leg amputation. Nearby about seventy five thousand patients today lose a toe, a foot or even a leg every year because of leg infections & tissue damage as well. Nerve damage along with poor blood flow now causes small injuries on patients all the time. On the other hand, amputation can be prevented with the proper caring of the foot. Keeping the foot of a diabetic patient healthy is very important and it require special care which will be adequately given by Diabetic Foot Care Burlington podiatrist.

Amount of inspection by Diabetic Foot Care Burlington podiatrist

Daily inspection is a must for diabetic patients. Those who suffer from poor eyesight should seek for an assistance coming from a Diabetic Foot Care Burlington podiatrist. The patient should look for signs of injury if there is any. The patient should understand that even a small cut or bruise may easily be infected if it will not be properly taken care of. Signs of foot problems or infection include hair loss on the toes, foot fractures wherein patients are always not aware of it due to the lessening circulation in the sensory nerves. A lot of times, patients use their injured and affected foot all the time not realizing that there is an injury that must be taken care of. This will lead to deformities or even complications especially if the foot has been fractured, changing in shape and size and the temperature increases gradually. Calling the attention of a Diabetic Foot Care Burlington podiatrist is a must in this kind of problem.

Washing the feet

Feet washing

Washing your feet all the time with warm water with soap can be of help to you. Diabetic Foot Care Burlington podiatrist can help with the water test since a lot of diabetic patients today have lost their sensation today because of their condition. But the hand or the wrist can still feel the hotness of the water. It will be best to ask help from a podiatrist if you cannot do that on your own. The foot may be injured or burned if the water is too hot. Rubbing a pumice stones on certain parts of the foot can help in eradicating corns and calluses too. You shouldn’t cut calluses or corns using chemicals especially on diabetic patients.

Moisturizing the feet

Foot Care Burlington podiatrist knows how to properly moisturize the feet and it should do after bathing. This is important because a diabetic patient cannot emit oils important for certain parts of the body thus you will see their feet dry, cracking and dull. Applying petroleum jelly all the time or non-fragrant oil can be of help to increase moisture level in the body and to also lessen fungal growth which may lead to a more serious problem if not treated right away by a podiatrist.

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