Consumers Demand Local Alternatives for Moving Needs

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA, 2013 – Consumers have plenty of reason today to be asking for more local businesses to fulfill their needs. Local businesses keep more dollars in the local economy, keep more locals employed, and have better connections to the community. Southside Moving and Storage (, local to Virginia Beach, VA, takes this dedication to the next level, and is providing some serious competition to big-name chains in its community.

“They were rock stars,” says one happy customer, pointing out shrink-wrapping services, on-time technicians and a friendly attitude. With this level of customer service, and the high standards for care and dedication that they bring to the table, Southside Moving and Storage is putting plenty of other Virginia Beach moving companies on the defensive. Customers of chain-operated moving companies, at which management might be in another state, may find their movers “milking” them for time, or taking less care with their belongings. But, says another satisfied client of Southside, “They worked with almost no breaks and moved very quickly the entire time with no damage to any of my items.” Local businesses like Southside Moving and Storage are much more able to provide this kind of personal touch, interfacing directly with the client in a face-to-face, straightforward manner.

Southside Moving and Storage has another advantage over other Virginia Beach movers: diversification. Operating as a local business allows Southside to think outside the box and provide their clients with every service they’re looking for, such as storage facilities between moves. With both long- and short-term storage options in climate-controlled containers, this local business is willing to go the extra mile to fulfill the needs of their community. 24-hour alarm systems provide security, and all of the company’s employees live locally, so clients are never far from a friendly face if assistance is needed.

Where other storage facilities might simply give you a key to a warehouse and leave you to fend for yourself, Southside Moving and Storage will help take a complete inventory of your items, plastic-wrap them for better protection, and will even provide heavy-duty padding to line your storage containers. With both readily-accessible short-term storage solutions like walk-in containers, and long-term options like the Storage Vault, this is not your average storage facility.

Plenty of Virginia Beach moving companies could learn a thing or two from Southside Moving and Storage’s book. With an eye for detail, dedication to the local communities, and friendly, personal service, this local Virginia Beach moving company is everything a strong local business should be. They’ll get you from Point A to Point B with no fuss and no hassle, and they’ll keep your dollars in the local economy, giving more back to your community. For an example of a stellar local business that can truly compete on a level with the big chains, look no further than Southside Moving and Storage.

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