What is the future development trend for China’s real estate market?

China – The central park Beijing has beijing.maxviewrealty.com reported that of the ratio between the price of apartment and earnings have already beyond the reasonable tolerance level of people. The result is that 85% of households are unable to buy a house by their own ability. On the website of http://beijing.maxviewrealty.com/ which is the best agency for purchasing and renting of Beijing apartment such as Central Park, people could find that Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing has released the related document about the countries¡¯ economy.

This document has also noted that the highly price of china house and apartment could be the reason of the ineffective strike of government’s administrative to the system of land supply and the illegal manner of developers¡¯ hoarding land action. However, there are also many deep-seated reasons for this result.

However, from the publishing of website maxviewrealty, the content Central Park of the documents has also included that the sales area and the price level for the house and apartment in 2010 could mainly depend on the government’s determination to stabilize housing prices and the introduction of regulatory reform measures. It has said that the resident and house demand would be expected to have a certain level rise. On the other hand, the prices will have the moderate increasing. However, the introduction of reform policies and other factors could also affect the price of the house and apartments.

This document has also pointed out that the speed of real estate construction would have a slow trend in 2013. After the second half of 2013, the housing supply would have rapid growth. The most important point is that the housing prices will not rise rapidly. The charge man of the real estate in Beijing which name is Central Park has also said that this future trend would be the good news for most of people.

The experts group has also believed that Chinese¡¯s accumulation rigid central park beijing housing demand has already been released some years ago. The housing demand which is one kind of speculative investment has already been controlled. However, the future prices for the house and apartment will rise moderately.

The experts group has also made it clear that the reforming for the real estate in China would be the necessary action in the future. However, the China’s real estate market has already come into a crossroad from 2010 to 2012. What would be happen in the future is uneasy for people to predict.

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