Marriage Counseling Los Angeles

Dr. Gary Stollman, Ph.Dis offering psychotherapy and relationship counseling for the greater Los Angeles area.

Dr. Gary is more than a therapist. He utilizes an innovate approach to treatment, combining short-term problem solving with a more traditional psychodynamic approach.He provides the highest quality therapy available.Whether for marriage counseling or just someone to talk to, Dr. Gary Stollman can help.

“Trained and certified in the Viscott Method,Dr. Gary Stollman believes that the therapist should assume an active role throughout the therapeutic process rather than remain a passive participant,” his website boasts.

He also believes that active feedback from his patients is a crucial part of the therapeutic process. He encourages a “person before therapy” method, describing himself as a “real person dealing with real people,” and not someone who hides behind his degree. He focuses on treating his patients as people and not simply objects, exerting his time and energy into being as caring and helpful as possible.

Couples seeking therapy in the LA area are encouraged to call Dr. Gary Stollman. Improve your relationships, master the art of communication and learn to resolve conflicts with marriage counseling and relationship counseling.

Sessions can be scheduled for either one or two hours in length, or those who prefer to speak to a counselor from the privacy of the own home can call and receive telephone coaching. Dr. Gary offers a free 15-minute phone consultation to all first time callers.

To contact Dr. Gary Stollman, call 1-800-474-1445 or email Dr. Gary at

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