Past Life Regression – Far More than Entertainment

A stimulating new book is causing people to stop and think. Sharing personal insights of her own regression sessions, hypnotherapist Davina DeSilver sheds light on the associated reasoning behind her experiences of previous lives. Connecting current life situations with residues from the past, explaining what it felt like to witness scenes of her own death.

Written with expert knowledge of how to not only guide such a session but also directly having experienced many such regressions, she opens up a new level of understanding for the layperson.

“It’s so much more than entertainment or pure fantasy; it is very much connected with residual memories stored in the subconscious and the energy field. Unfinished business can resonate into this current life and that has certainly been my own experience and that of clients too.”

A thought provoking read, raising all kinds of questions and possibilities, it’s available as a free download 7/8/2013 – 7/10/2013 from Amazon Kindle:

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