Historic Landmark Site Is Now The Most Desired Western North Carolina Real Estate

If you are looking to purchase some amazing Western North Carolina real estate, there is now an opportunity to do so. A former historic landmark has now opened for sale. The lot is a former lodge, that dates back to the early 1900’s.

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8th July 2013, Cashiers, NC – Historic Real Estate site Is Now available for purchase.
Preserve At Rock Creek is without doubt, a breathtaking location to purchase Western North Carolina real estate. The panoramic landscape and breathtaking views are simply out of this world and make the location a dream place to live.

Preserve At Rock Creek currently offers a limited number of luxurious real estate developments. What makes this place special is the lot that has become available to purchase. It is the lot of an historic landmark. Work has been carried out to clear the site and open it up for sale. This lot is now ready for real estate development.

Tim Bright is the head of Preserve at Rock Creek, and he said “we have just cleared and opened the lot of upper Rock Creek. This is the most wonderful spot we have uncovered”. The upper section of the mountain is where a former Lodge existed. It is an historic building that dates back to the early part of the last century. The lodge was taken down during some time in the 1920’s, but Mr. Bright and his company have recently cleared the site and have constructed a road that provides access to this sensational lot. It will without doubt become the most delightful Western North Carolina real estate. Mr. Bright said that he expected a good amount of interest in this and the other lots available. Any one interested should him Toll Free on 800.259.3551 to arrange a viewing.

The History
In the early part of the last century, the Asheville Press said the following regarding the location – “The view from this Lodge, which is on the extreme summit of the Toxaway mountain, is most extensive. The magnificent character of this view baffles description. Its grandeur and sublimity can only be fully appreciated by those who have seen it in person and felt the soothing magic of its silent but irresistible influence.”

Historically, the Lodge was a “Nature Kindergarten” for children in the locality to discover and find out about the environment and wildlife that is indigenous to the area. The lodge was also used for hunting and recreation for leading figures in the country, including the Rockefellers, Vanderbilts, Edisons, Fords, and many others.

The history of the region (Toxaway Mountain in particular) is reasonably extensive. In 1890 E.H. Jennings came from Pennsylvania to Transylvania County and established several businesses, one of which was the Lake Toxaway Company. Later, towards the end of the 1800’s, Southern Railway constructed the Railway System from Asheville, which became the steepest railroad in the U.S.

In 1902, Jennings filled the Lake and opened what was to become the most popular Toxaway Inn. Lake Toxaway was the first artificial lake built in the Appalachian Mountains, and the area became known as the “Switzerland of America”. It encompassed several outstanding resorts, and was called the Toxaway System of Hotels. They were created by Jennings, including “The Lodge” at the top of the mountain- where the Preserve at Rock Creek is currently situated

Limited Availability
Mr. Bright said that he is very excited and up beat about the Western North Carolina real estate that he and his team have made available, and in particular, what this latest lot at Upper Rock Creek offers. He also warns that there are only a limited number of lots available, and suggested that any interested parties respond quickly because supply was very limited. People should contact Mr. Bright on 800.259.3551 or to visit the Western North Carolina real estate page on the website: http://www.preserveatrockcreeknc.com

Contact Information:-
Preserve At Rock Creek
10 W Whitetail Dr.
Sapphire, NC 28774
Tel: 800-259-3551
E-mail: info@preserveatrockcreeknc.com

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