New eBook Released — The Second Alien Encounters Series “Gone Home”

A new eBook, Gone Home, was released as a second installment of the popular Alien Encounters series authored by Kim Welsman. After the success of book 1 entitled Going Home, the second installment is now finally released in eBook format for readers online. Alien Encounters “Gone Home” is an adult supernatural fantasy recommended for readers over 16 years of age.

Gone Home revolves around the story of Peggy, who just returned from an exploration mission on Earth. She has Sylaxian physic abilities and CK-1 prowess. She knows that Earthers are a kind race and should be invited to join the Galactic Council. Sylaxian Council Member Sygen,who encountered Earth in book 1, Going Home, has now been deceived by evil forces into blocking Earth’s entrance into the Council. Genlek, Peggy’s brother is determined to help Peggy with her plight. Mother, Peggy’s CK-1 creator and parent, also feels driven to support Peggy in her quest to bring Earthers into the Council. Heavy concerns weigh on Sygen regarding the destructive influence Mitch Christie, head of the Agency on Earth, potentially has over planet Earth. Sygen want to avoid the possibility of creating another dangerous member, who could tip the balance from good to evil on the Galactic Council. Find out if Peggy will use her prowess to convince Sygen as well as the Council to welcome Earth so that she can go back, by reading the second installment of Alien Encounters Series Gone Home in eBook format.

Readers tout this book for its complex plots and unexpected twists. It is a dystopian paranormal thriller set for women of all ages. The Alien Encounter Series actually started as a short story and grew into a 5- volume set. Following the success of the Book 1 “Going Home”, Gone Home is another story that guarantees to excite readers.

Kim Welsman is the author of this science fiction book. She aims to help young women and women of all ages have a voice and introduce them to the world of science fiction. Kim Welsman currently lives with her husband and with a library of her beloved books in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada.

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