Encouraging Healthier Lifestyles Through Business Wellness Programs

Soaring health insurance costs is not just a problem for individuals but also for companies that provide them for their employees. In an effort to bring down healthcare cost, some employers are urging their employees to adopt more active lifestyles when at home. This reduces the need of people using their healthcare benefits, which ultimately means lesser cost for the company.

In an effort to encourage healthier and more active lifestyles, some employers will have their staff participate in employee Wellness Programs. This normally consists of a Wellness Coach who will provide a class on how to live a healthier life through exercise and diet.

While most company wellness programs are well intended, most are also not very effective. Most programs revolve around major lifestyle changes that is simply too challenging for the average full-time worker to commit to. As a result, most employees may initially follow the program but then gradually return to their sedentary lifestyle as the weeks go by.

This is where Orriant enters the picture and provides solutions that are a cut above the rest. Orriant is a company that provides corporate wellness programs for businesses of all industries. Unlike other corporate wellness companies, Orriant provides healthy lifestyle changes that are manageable on a long-term and permanent basis. This means that employees are not instructed to set aside two hours of their time six days out of the week for a grueling exercise session. Rather, the changes are gradual and simple, which makes them far more maintainable while remaining every bit as effective.

Employees, for example, may be guided on simple and small changes that they can do here and there both at home and in the workplace. This may include taking the stairs instead of the elevator, doing a set of pushups or squats during lunch hour or preparing a meal the night before instead of getting drive-thru or a snack from the vending machine. In addition, these simple yet effective wellness program ideas can also be followed by spouses and children who are typically also included in a health insurance plan.

While you can’t control what your employees do when at home, you can encourage them through the implementation of wellness programs. Employers can also include wellness program incentives for employees who show that they are following through with an exercise and diet program. Incentives can include a variety of benefits; it can include external rewards like a gift card or additional work benefits like increased paid vacation time.

With Orriant, your staff members won’t feel like anything is being shoved down their throats. They will simply be shown easy ways to increase daily physical activity without sacrificing too much of their personal time. Employers may even get involved and set aside about 10 minutes or so of exercise time at the end of each workday. With small business wellness programs, it’s not just about driving down health insurance cost; it’s also about learning new ways of staying fit both inside and outside work hours.

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Business wellness programs are a terrific way to encourage healthier lifestyles among employees. This, in turn, helps to bring down health insurance costs.

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