will make your dreams of making money and getting more out of life come true, while you travel the world

Las Vegas, NV, USA – July 04th 2013 – No matter what words you choose to define your working scenario be it a travelling entrepreneur, a lifestyle design business owner, a virtual worker, digital nomad, knowledge worker etc, one thing that you would notice that there are some desires that just remain as dreams of achieving. These things are more to do with leading a desirable and fulfilling lifestyle along with benefits of making money and travelling the world. is one online website that is here to make those dreams come true.
To quote Brian Grasoo and free thinker, inspirational leader, poet and speaker “A goal list is what you want to do while you are alive. A bucket list is what you want to do before you die… shouldn’t they be the same?”
Most of us end up running day in and day out towards only one thing and that is money and towards the end of our lives we realize that did not cater any time to some of our heart’s desires. Traveltrep coined by John Spencer Ellis and Kelli Ellis introduces you a whole new world on how to lead a more fulfilling life. Creating enough time you need to do all that you think is important to you, widening your experiences in life, maximizing your reach across the world and teaching you about the lifestyle design businesses that helps make money with lesser efforts, and investing the same in places where one would get better returns, are just some of the aspects that one would be made aware of through the traveltrep forum.
Location independence, elimination of non value adds, outsourcing, automation and virtual business are some of the other features that you will be introduced to that are the buzz of today’s world. These are some of aspects that people fear to implement in their lives. Business travel is something that quite a lot of us get jittery about. Traveltrep makes that fear vanish with it easy to follow tips, tricks, strategies and resources that they suggest that anyone can use and implement to make thing happen for them. For more information please visit
About is a website created by Dr. John Spencer Ellis and his wife Kelli Ellis. It has all the tips, tricks, tools, strategies, gadgets, approaches and expert advice that one would need to be able to see the world while they work and make money. All this being made possible by simple steps and no compromise on the fulfilling life that one would desire.
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