Airflow Solutions Company Helps Critical Environment Facilities Go Green Phoenix Controls Is Making A Difference Towards A Healthier Planet

Acton, MA – A critical environment demands precision airflow control in order to keep personnel, patients, visitors, and the environment safe. Places like hospitals, pharmaceutical process areas, laboratories, and biocontainment facilities need enhanced ventilation systems and safety equipment and procedures in place. The energy usage of these types of facilities rank as some of the highest users because of the safety requirements. The largest usage of energy for these facilities is in their airflow systems but with new innovations and the assistance of Phoenix Controls, there are solutions to cut energy costs and help these facilities go green for a healthier planet.

For instance, Phoenix Controls airflow control solutions enables a critical environment to use lower levels of clean outside air which can save these facilities money without jeopardizing the safety of personnel and preserves the integrity of the work performed in them. Utilizing a metering airflow perspective instead of a measuring airflow sets Phoenix Controls apart from other airflow solution companies.

Supplying energy efficient precision airflow solutions for government, university, healthcare, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries, Phoenix Controls offer complete and critical system application solutions. Their product line includes valves and controllers, valve upgrade kits, space sensors and monitors, fume hood controls, network integration and dashboards.

About Phoenix Controls

Phoenix Controls, a leader in the manufacturing and design of precision airflow control systems was founded in 1985. For more than two decades this company has been providing airflow control systems and solutions to critical environments. Although it became part of Honeywell International, Inc. in 1998, the headquarters is still maintained in Acton, MA and has since marketed its systems through worldwide independent distributors.

Aside from offering energy saving, innovative, pressurization and sound airflow control solutions for a worldwide critical environment, Phoenix Controls practices earth friendly procedures at their home office. These practices include recycling of cardboard, plastic, foam, electronics, batteries, copier parts, lightbulbs, ballasts and more. They also retrofitted their overhead lighting with low-energy bulbs and ballasts and instituted re-usable shipping containers, as well as, only use bio-degradable products in their cleaning.

Innovative Solutions From Phoenix Controls

Phoenix Controls uses the Accel II venturi valve as the core of all their airflow control systems. This valve has received special seismic pre-approved certification from OSHPD and only to Phoenix Controls, The valve uses highly accurate, simple, and reliable airflow control technology that’s above any flow measuring technique available. That’s not the only thing that sets them apart from their competitors though. Phoenix Controls received NIST Accreditation for their air stations as well. They have also improved their customers interface software which presents historical data and real-time data from their airflow control solutions in a dashboard format, making it simple for new users to easily view and understand their system’s performance.

There are nearly a million Phoenix Control valves installed worldwide which proves they are committed to making a difference by providing critical environment facilities a greener workplace.


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