America Idol or X Factor Didn’t Call Yet? Don’t Worry – The Kickstarter Project: “The Talent DVD” May Be Your Answer!

America Idol Didn’t Call? The Kickstarter Project: “The Talent DVD” May Be Your Answer! If you have always wanted to show off your talent this Kickstarter project may be your chance to do it.

Thanks to The Talent DVD Kickstarter project you may get a chance to show off your talent. The fun part is that it doesn’t have to be just singing or dancing.

What Is It?
Have you ever watched the talent shows on TV and regretted not being a part of the excitement because you couldn’t sing or dance?

The Talent DVD changes that because it is not limited to dancing or singing! In fact, as long as your can provide a video of your talent, 1 minute or less in length, you can be on The Talent DVD.

The Talent DVD is NOT a contest.

If you are one of the first 100 submissions, that meet the guidelines, you will be on the DVD!

The Talent DVD is the brainchild of Michael Smith former Creative Director of Guild Communications.

According to Mr. Smith:

“The Talent DVD really doesn’t have a plot. It’s unique and a bit of a novelty. That is what makes it so intriguing. We believe that displaying 100 people, from around the world, with talents that can range from singing and dancing to yodeling, magic, etc. will be a lot of fun to watch.”

The Talent DVD will have a big premiere (estimated to happen in September 2013) and only 100 people will get a chance to attend. If you are interested you better get your tickets now. The live premiere of The Talent DVD will be held at a theater (TBA) in the Maryland area.

Regular People Getting Discovered
One of the most exciting parts of this project is that we get to introduce regular people, like YOU, with unique talents to the world. It is our greatest hope that the talent submissions will come in from everywhere!

Know Someone with Talent?
If you have a loved one with talent send them to the link below ASAP. You also have a chance to get an “Associate Producer” credit on The Talent DVD (or credit on the website).
There are lots of other rewards for supporters of this Kickstarter project and it will be a fun experience for everyone.

Bard Williams

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