Triathletes can now better their results at triathlons with the help of NESTA’s triathlon coach certification course

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, USA – July 1st 2013 -There are quite a lot of people now a day’s who like to take fitness and wellness to the next level. This group of people is sportier in nature and would like to use the sport of track and field and swimming as mode to stay fit and fine. Speaking of such people, there are these groups of people who are triathlon enthusiasts and just for them NESTA (National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association) in association with the ITCA (International Triathlon Coaching Association) has formulated a Triathlon Coaching Course Certification that help prepares effective coaches in this arena besides helping Triathletes.
The ITCA Triathlon Coach Certification help gives a fitness trainer an upper edge over the other competitor in the same field making them more successful when we compare both the business strategies together. This course has been created with the expertise from various fields like Science, application and proven business models). This triathlon coaching course is a USAT approved course that is being brought to you in partnership with POLAR.
As a part of the certification course one would be able to create effective programs for all levels of triathlon racers. Appropriately pace the training courses for the swimmers. Identify heart rate training areas and last but not the least you would also be able to simultaneously develop a successful triathlon business. Apart from this you will be able to create an effective triathlon marketing strategy that will make your business in this arena thrive even better.
This program is a totally online delivered program. It is delivered in 16 modules over a period of 32 days. For a start when you register, you will be able to create a members account and will given to watch an introductory video that acquaints you with the total proceedings of the course. You would start receiving the training material every 48 hours and after the 32 days period you will have access to the online tests. Once the tests are passed you can legally hold the title of a “Certified Triathlon Coach”. For additional information about the course you can visit
“As a physical therapist, researcher, and avid triathlete I have been thoroughly impressed with the ITCA certification. I have gained a tremendous amount of evidence-based knowledge that has refined my training strategies and tactics, which will ultimately improve the performance of my clients. The online approach was very smooth considering the ease of completing the necessary assignments while the discussion boards offer a great forum to share information with other coaches and faculty”, shares CITCA certified Christopher Johnson
About International Triathlon Coaching Association (ITCA)
ITCA (International Triathlon Coaching Association) is the triathlon certification division of NESTA (National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association) that was formed in the year 2008 to be leading source of coaching and training for all triathlon. NESTA has been in the fitness and wellness industry since 1992 providing wide range of fitness and wellness training education at different levels. It is a very successful firm when it comes to preparing individuals in fitness industry to be successful in the business by being a great source of entrepreneurship and career diversity. Embedded data.

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