Pearl Accessory Now One of the US’s Major Suppliers of Loose Pearls

Since its founding in 2001, Pearl Accessory has currently become one of the main suppliers of fine loose pearls to some of the nation’s biggest pearl jewelers. In addition, the company also sells high quality pearl jewelry produced by their highly-trained pearl jewelers, including pearl earring, necklace and bracelet pieces. Their product line includes:

Akoya pearl jewelry. These pieces are made from the classic Akoya pearls, which are white or cream-colored with an overtone of rose, cream or ivory. Akoya pearls measure around 5mm to 11mm in size.
• Freshwater pearl jewelry. Mainly produced by Chinese pearl farmers, these pearls come from freshwater mussels and come in pastel shades such as pink, black, white, purple, tangerine and lavender. Their typical size is around 2mm to 16mm with 7mm to 8mm being the most frequently-encountered size.
• Tahitian pearl jewelry. These pearls come from the South Seas and are cultivated in a Black-Lipped oyster to achieve their distinctive natural black color. However, Tahitian pearls can come in a variety of shades, including silver, grey, blue, purple and green. They are also typically larger than other types of pearls with an average size of 9mm to 16mm.
• South Sea pearl jewelry. In contrast with Tahitian pearls, these pearls are mainly cultivated in Southeast Asia and Northern Australia. South Sea pearls are the largest pearl type, since they can be as big as 20mm, as well as being the most expensive. Their typical color is gold or silver.

To ensure the protection of the consumer, every purchase from Pearl Accessory comes with a Certificate of Authenticity as an assurance that they are getting genuine pearls, and is packaged in an elegant gift box, ready for being given as a present for a special occasion. Customization services are also available; simply provide detail photos of the work you want done and Pearl Accessory’s jewelers will customize the piece for you. Embedded data.

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