City Attorney’s Office Michael Duran Accused of Stalking & Harassing General Hospital Star!

City Attorney’s Office Michael Duran Accused of Stalking & Harassing General Hospital Star! Attorney Duran accused of Strong Arming Land Lords in the City Of Los Angeles with Double Jeopardy & False Allegations!

George Pan Andreas, A well known Actor best known for his role as the famous Family Casadine Family Kidnapper of Laura in General Hospital, Kojak in the most watched episode of all time, and in a host of other roles is accusing Los Angeles City Attorney Michael Duran of Unethical Shake-downs and harassment.

George and his business partner Candice Graham are quite exhausted from having to constantly deal with Attorney Duran’s stalking and harassment. The business partners states that the Attorney has been harassing them for over a decade, “18 years to be exact”.

George Pan Andreas & Candice Graham are not the first and only Land Lords to complain about Attorney Michael Duran, there are other forums and articles online showing a repeated pattern of Mr. Duran.

According to “The Housing Reform Coalition of California Micheal Duran is accused again of harassing Land Lords and using bullying tactics to shakedown Land Lords and rip away their properties, attach enormous fines, probation, and jail time to Land Lords that question his ethics and operations.

Michael Duran
Phone: 213-978-8101
Michael Duran is an attorney located at City Hall East, 200 N Main St 5th Fl in Los Angeles, California. Learn more about this lawyer below, get directions to their office, review services offered, or use the contact information to get in touch today.

More is unfolding in this story as George and Candice Graham go on video to share their nightmarish experience with Michael Duran. Other court documents show that this is a repeated pattern, brand and normal practice to shake down Land Lords and trump up charges on Land Lords according to another former City Inspector. Embedded data.

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