Los Angeles DUI Defense Lawyers offer a variety of client services

Many people are confused about their legal rights and options the first time they are handed a DUI. In fact, this confusion can be so great that they miss opportunities to have the charge dismissed, or to have the penalties significantly lessened, simply because they didn’t know any of these things were even possible. This is where a Los Angeles DUI Defense Lawyer may be able to help.

Since the practice first opened its doors, the Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin have been committed to providing clients with the most accurate information possible in order to help them make good decisions about what to do in response to their DUI. Under the current law of the State of California, for example, most people charged with a DUI are likely to find their license confiscated. There is a window of 10 days in which a hearing can be scheduled to help stop the suspension of the license, and the Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin can provide professional advice on whether or not this would be something worth pursuing.

There is also the important consideration of any relevant details in each particular DUI case. While success in the courtroom cannot be guaranteed, it may be possible to negotiate any penalties for a conviction down to a level that’s much easier to manage. Many people find a number of hours of community service to be preferable to thousand-dollar fines and a day or two in jail, and the Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin have successfully negotiated results such as this for many different clients. However, negotiation is often a fallback for this particular practice, since getting the charges dismissed entirely is often regarded as the preferred outcome by the defense.

Many DUI cases seem more open-and-close than they actually are, and the evidence of the prosecution can be surprisingly weak. Having worked for many years as a prosecutor in DUI cases, Jonathan Franklin is intimately familiar with how these cases are prepared and what their weaknesses are. He now puts this experience to good use in trying to help protect people instead, and clients may feel satisfied knowing that their Beverly Hills Criminal Lawyer is so experienced with both sides of the debate.

A DUI charge can have far-reaching implications for someone’s life that aren’t immediately apparent, and even someone willing to pay the fine and do the time may not be aware of all the possible effect that the charge might have. However, a consultation with a professional attorney may be able to reveal the details and provide the opportunity to make a truly informed decision.

Disclaimer: This Press Release is intended only for informational use and should not be treated as any form of legal counsel. Specific details in a case may have an impact on how that case is treated in a courtroom, so the information here may not apply in all circumstances, especially if the DUI charge is in addition to any other charges. To obtain legal advice that is relevant to your particular case, you should consult a professional attorney that operates a practice in your area.

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The Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin offer DUI defense services.

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