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Midsummer TV is a most comprehensive resource concerning midsummer lore, meaning and celebration. It advances a timeline that will shed a light on the various traditions, the changes, the influences and all things connected. The website informs on the old versus the new customs, the pagan beliefs and the changes brought by Christians, the specific recipes for midsummer feasts, community involvement, interesting superstitions, celebration locations and much more.

Midsummer represents a timeless celebration of the sun and occurs on the 24th of June, right after the summer solstice. This is the time when the northern hemisphere experiences the longest day of the year – in terms of sunlight. It is a feast of light, joy and fertility, stemming from times when spirituality was centered on sun worship. Within the year, its opposite is the midwinter day, when sun shines the least.

Modern midsummer celebrations in the UK are rooted in centuries- and millenia-old traditions, but have evolved into a rather simple form of entertainment. However, the emphasis on nature is still present. People go out in the wild, pick flowers in the open fields, organise picnics and make bonfires. Large groups also gather around the Stonehenge to feel a connection with the greater energies. Dancing around the maypole is still being practiced, which is reminiscent of an ancient fertility ritual.

Created as a blog, www.midsummer.tv provides information linked to the herbalism domain, detailing on plants that achieve their maximum healing potential at midsummer and also relating these to ancient rites. The solstice time was considered the best time for picking herbs for many centuries and it still is, due to the amount of sunlight that the plants get. The habit was widely spread in Europe.

The well-written, accurate articles inform on beliefs and customs specific to the entire area, covering Scotland, Wales and England. This is particularly helpful when aiming for a comparative approach.

Isolated from the continent, Britain has preserved many of its ancient traditions but also has retained major influences like the Scandinavian and Celtic ones. At www.midsummer.tv readers will discover the vastness of this heritage, presented in well-documented and highly informative posts. The facts contained are fascinating and help create a much more complex picture of the celebrations and beliefs that come with the summer solstice.

About the company:
Midsummer TV is a blog aiming to educate on all aspects of the summer solstice celebrations in Britain. It has an unbiased approach on a holiday that nowadays hold a meaning for several religious communities and which has a long, rich history.

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