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Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, USA – June 28th 2013 – Gyms going people now-a-days are just not concerned with their sport or work performance but are more inclined towards how good they look physically as well. Many of today’s fitness institutes literally ignore the fact that functional training also plays an important role in making an individual feel aesthetic. The Functional Training Certification program from the National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association (NESTA) provides all its students with complete insight into what functional training is all about and what it entails.
As a part of the program individuals doing business in the fitness industry will be able to learn the essentials of functional fitness training. One would learn how they could customize functional exercise for different athletes and sports enthusiasts. Functional training provides its students information on how they can a wide spread of professional options to reduce dysfunctions and improve functionality of one’s body. The program involves about 70 different warm-up and functional exercises and series are discussed to improve one’s function in sports, reducing injuries and improving fitness.
Everyone is welcome to use the knowledge of this personal training certification program to their advantage and make appropriate adjustments to the said exercises to suit their respective client base. This will surely be an effective enabling criterion when it comes to measuring the success of a fitness institute. Students who want to learn more are also welcome to take on some additional learning through NESTA’s personal trainer continuing education programs. These online fitness education programs will be able to earn you the title of a “Functional Training Specialist” at the end. All in all the students of these programs will be able to render excellent service to their clients thus increasing their business in the fitness industry.
National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association (NESTA) is an organization with an international presence in the fitness industry. It has over 55,000 members across 50 different countries. Millions of people across the world enjoy the benefits of fitness and functional training and development created by Dr. John Spencer Ellis, the President and CEO of the organization. The organization deals in a wide range of fitness, wellness and personal development training modules. To mention a few they offer programs in International Triathlon Coaching, Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning, Life Coaching etc. For more details please visit the website

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