Wholesale Bulk SMS Service Provider in Jaipur

Today’s our life is very fast. Every Businessman wants to communicate our customers with cheaper, faster, smarter and reliable ways. SMS is best path to communicate our customers for every business person. Daksh Infosoft is a Wholesale Bulk SMS Provider, based in Jaipur, Rajasthan with a presence of over 6 years in the market and a client base of over thousands. We believe only Quality and Quality.

Our services are very easy and prosperous to use; you can be used for advertising, marketing and alert about your new product and services. Daksh Infosoft provides fast, personalized, scalable and reliable Wholesale SMS solutions. Which has several SMS gateways to opt from according to your necessities i.e. premium route, high quality route etc. Our Wholesale bulk SMS service enables you to connect to people entire India. http://www.dakshinfo.com/bulk-sms-in-jaipur.aspx

Our Bulk SMS Services in Jaipur with one step forward with computerization could do more for a business to increase its image in the minds of its customers & people if used well. The interesting thing here is it is very inexpensive equated to the other modes examples radio and TV ads. Bulk SMS commercializing doesn’t even need a GPRS package to be enabled on a phone, which makes it a successful tool in order to reach a wider base of spectators.

In bulk texting, a single message can be sent to several recipients at the similar time, does passing the want to type in the same message over and over again. Daksh Infosoft support sending Bulk SMS Services in Jaipur. Cell Phone Messages of Text and Bulk Voice SMS can be sent to limitless cell phone numbers in Jaipur.

You can reach a wide-ranging of customers at just a one click. We take arrogance in operating on the source of opt-in data. We send bulk SMS on the plot of demand which gives us the forcefulness of person genuine in sending SMS that are asked of us. We send SMS only with the database gathered from those who desire our service to spread their message and so that the SMS reaches the significant receiver.

We have specialized packages for different industries including auto Industry, Share Traders, Schools / Colleges, Events & Exhibitors and can design modified applications. We are best bulk SMS service provider because we believe in withholding of our respective customers. http://www.dakshinfo.com/bulk-sms-services.aspx

Our Wholesale Bulk SMS Features below Here.

All India GSM and CDMA Network coverage and reporting.
Short codes Services 5 to 6 digit numbers.
Long SMS Support.
Instant Delivery with Accurate Reports.
24X7 support through Email, Mobile & Telephone.

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