Pro Excellence Offers Flexible Training to Improve Sales Performance

Haslemere, Surrey – Consultancy firm Pro Excellence, is offering flexible training to improve sales performance for client companies. It conducts an assessment before deciding what specific sales training participants require.

To establish specific sales training requirements, the company first does a thorough sales assessment test to understand the strengths, weaknesses, and challenges each participant has. Its testing services identify key issues that prevent sales from growing and the specific skills and behaviours that need to be developed. The testing is done individually and then a picture is developed of the common skill gaps and issues that face the sales team.

After conducting and explaining its assessment to clients, Pro Excellence can proceed with designing a sales training specific to the company’s needs so that the training will deliver the maximum return on investment. The innovation does not end with the use of skill testing. Pro Excellence has also developed an accelerated sales training methodology that addresses the short comings of conventional sales training.

Most conventional sales training fails to deliver measurable results because it just focuses on the training event. Yet unless the skills become habitual the promised improvement in sales will not materialise. Pro Excellence’s methodology delivers measurable results because the whole focus is on what sales people do once they leave the classroom.

The training starts before the attendee even reaches the classroom. Using their state-of-the-art LMS, each participant watches a number of short videos followed by a quiz to confirm their understanding. This ensures that they have the core knowledge in advance. The sales trainer is then able to devote maximum time to developing the skill of attendees and applying these new skills to their sales role and current sales opportunities. The objective is to get sales people ready to start using the skills as soon as the sales training is over.

A critical part of sales training happens once the sales people go back to their jobs. Pro Excellence collaborates with their clients’ managers to ensure that the new skills get used on a daily basis and become habitual.

By using this precise and flexible style of training, Pro Excellence enables participants to get measurable improvements in their individual sales performance which, in turn, enables clients to achieve their ambitious sales targets. Visit to get started today.

About Pro Excellence Ltd

Based in Surrey, Pro Excellence is a sales improvement consultancy providing a mixture of consulting and training services to enable businesses to achieve accelerated sales growths. Its unique accelerated sales training methodology uses a blend of testing, learning materials, and advanced training techniques to ensure participants not only learn new skills but most importantly they put those skills into practice to achieve measurable sales improvements. Embedded data.

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