Senior Care Vero Beach Specialists Take Their Services to Residential Facilities

Vero Beach, FL – Nightingale Private Duty Nursing (NPDN) is known for bringing comprehensive, personalized care to seniors who wish to remain in their homes as they age. They provide medical services, companionship, and assistance with day-to-day living. They also have initiated service programs to educate clients and families on appropriate culinary practices, everyday assistance, and patient advocacy. Now, NPDN reaches out to more seniors as it endeavors to bring this individualized care to elders living in residential facilities.

Social Interaction Shown to Improve Quality of Life

The goal of this new trend is to increase the quality of life for patients in these facilities, possibly extending their lifespan. The average lifespan for those staying in assisted living facilities is 3-5 years. Many of the patients that NPDN works with in residential treatment live an average of 10-12 years. The difference, according to NPDN, is in the social interaction. The impact that meaningful social interaction can have for a senior’s life and health is dramatic.

The services offered in care facilities range, just as they do with NPDN’s in-home program. Many clients choose a companionship model, where a caregiver serves as a social companion, without any medical or physical responsibilities to the client. Companions may take clients down to the restaurant and have a meal with them. They may help patients get their mail and sort through it. They may read with seniors. The particular activities depend on the needs and desires of the elder and vary with each companion relationship.

Comprehensive Services for Changing Needs

If the needs of clients change and seniors require physical assistance or have medical needs, then NPDN is able to send a home health aide or nurse into the facility. The aim is to maintain a personal connection and strong relationships with each client. The ratio of patient to caregiver in residential facilities can reach 1:13.

NPDN’s efforts can reduce this ratio for their clients, improving their companion care services . The coordination that NPDN is able to achieve with Medicare, financial assistance programs, and health care professionals also benefits patients in residential facilities. Providing quality senior care in Vero Beach , NPDN hopes that as more seniors and their families learn of the possible benefits of personal caregivers in assisted living homes, more will begin to design a personalized program that truly meets their needs.

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