Sharp Web Hosting Offers Webmasters Some of the Most Affordable Plans

These days, everyone is looking for affordable web hosting to host their websites for business or personal purposes. Sharp Web Hosting is a Canada-based company that offers web hosting to clients in North America and Canada, with plans that start at less than $4 a month, and charge no set-up fees. The hosting solution uses 54 scripts from the Fantastico De Luxe commercial script library that users can install on their site with one click, ranging from content management systems like Drupal and joomla to blog scripts like the popular WordPress and b2evolution. All sites will be hosted on a Linux OS and run using PHP version 5.2.14. And for those who are new to website building, Sharp Web Hosting offers the free use of website builder platforms such as pro edition and template express, as well as using cPanel to make running your site even easier.

There are two main Sharp Web Hosting plans:

• The Beginner Plan is offered at $3.75 per month and includes 10,000 Mb of bandwidth and 1,000 Mb worth of storage space. This provides you with more than one million page views assuming an average of 29 Kb per page.
• The Advanced Plan goes for $6 a month and features 15,000 Mb of bandwidth and 1,500 Mb storage as well as cheap cPanel hosting.

The webmaster also has the option to purchase additional bandwidth as required at the rate of $1 per 2GB (2,000 Mb).

Unlike other cheap web hosting solutions, Sharp Web Hosting does not require its clients to commit to long-term contracts to avail of the affordable rates. Users can simply sign up to avail of the service and can cancel at any time without any penalty fees. They also have the option to host multiple websites and multiple add-on domains. Payment can be made through PayPal and other major credit cards. Embedded data.

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