RT Agencies Offers Greater Vancouver Customers Widest Assortment of Packaging Supplies

Businesses looking for a cost-effective source of packaging supplies Vancouver, BC can find what they are looking for at RT Agencies. The company offers some 30,000 packaging lines to customers located in the Greater Vancouver BC area. Some of the major featured products of RT Agencies include:

• The Sonic RT Rotary Stretch Wrapper is intended to meet your pallet wrapping Vancouver, BC requirements. The pallet wrapper is constructed with an all-steel frame for durability as well as a rotary tower support system that helps lessen maintenance requirements. It comes with options such as a platform scale with digital readout, a wrap height extension for wrapping taller pallets and a 30-inch film carriage. It comes with an advanced DIGI-TECH control unit that allows you to modify the stretch wrapper’s settings to wrap any type of pallet. It is designed to be used with X-Stretch film cartridges that dispense pre-stretched film with a 250% pre-stretch ratio whose tension can be electronically adjusted.
• Absorpole moisture-absorbing panels are made with calcium chloride and designed to be hung inside large containers to keep its contents dry. The panels are long-lasting and designed to last throughout the entire journey a shipment takes. And since they occupy minimal space, there is no loss of precious load space within the shipping container.
• The Wrapstik hand-held stretch wrap applicator eliminates the need for employees to bend at the waist while hand-wrapping packets, reducing injuries, and features the exclusive Automatic Tensioning System that lets workers choose the amount of tension they want.

In addition to providing the most extensive range of packaging products to its customers, RT Agencies also provides guidance to its customers on the most effective packaging solutions to meet their particular requirements. Customers who want to learn more about RT Agencies products and how these can help their businesses can visit the company’s official site or contact them at (604) 722-4929.

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