Flashpacking Blog Shares Advice on Affordable Travel with Style

The Flashpacking Travel Blog hopes to share the joys of travel with any reader who has a sense of adventure. Created by the married couple Craig and John, who decided to leave their comfortable lives in 2011 to undertake a long-term world trip, the blog was originally started to keep their family and friends informed about their activities. However, the blog picked up a loyal readership and Craig and John decided to include more details about the places they visited that would be useful to fellow travelers, such as information about prices and costs, in addition to their personal insights and opinions about the destinations they visit and the activities they do.

Craig and John decided to use the term ‘flashpacking’ as a way of communicating their approach to their world trip. Flashpacking to them means using digital devices and online resources and promotions to get the best deals on travel services. Getting the best deal does not mean availing of the cheapest services but those that will provide the greatest value in terms of the benefits they get relative to the price they pay. For example, a flashpacker would want to avail of accommodations with a minimum standard of facilities such as on-site Wi-Fi, air conditioning, cable or satellite TV and a private bathroom.

Visitors to the site can track the progress of Craig and John’s travels through the interactive RTW route map that allows them to read the blog posts associated with a particular destination by clicking on the virtual destination pin. They also post suggested travel itineraries to their upcoming destinations that flashpackers can follow, complete with travel tips. Interested viewers can watch Craig and John’s travel videos by visiting Craig Hickson’s YouTube channel. And when they’re undertaking their own flashpacking journey, they can guest post their travel blogs on the Flashpack at Forty blog, which provides a back link to the blog’s home page.

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