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Marlo Jordan opens up to Cupid’s Library on her life and experiences as the first ever Miss

With over four million members spanning seven countries, has certainly proven its mark as one of most reliable, sure-fire ways for ladies to meet their match on the internet. Catering to a very specific demographic – the so-called ‘cougars’ – prides itself with having created relationships between women and younger men since its inception in 2009. It operates in the UK, as well as Spain, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

The cougar phenomenon – young man, older woman partnerships – has become more and more popular not only in American culture but globally as well. Marlo Jordan, model and first ever Miss titleholder explained why this is happening in her interview with – a very expansive directory of dating sites.

“The rise of the Cougar is happening everywhere,” Jordan said. She cites UK star Caroline Flack, who was involved with Harry Styles from One Direction. Flack is 15 years older than Styles.

Jordan was crowned Miss by garnering the most number of votes from the entire membership of the website. “I won because I epitomize the Cougar lifestyle and as far as I know, there is no time limit on my ‘reign’,” she commented.

Jordan said that one of the most satisfying experiences she had while using the website came from the cougars themselves. Users have been very eager to tell her wonderful stories on their experiences with younger men or the so-called ‘cubs’. She said that this gives women the ability to gain more confidence. On a higher level, these cougars are reclaiming their lost youth.

Cougars are often thought to always be the ones to initiate, or “prey” on these young cubs. Jordan explained that the cubs in Cougar Life are not easily threatened by a cougar’s presence. These young men realize that the cougars they face are very confident women, and that making a first move will not be a problem at all.

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