Personal Injury Attorney for Rancho Cordova Helps with Medical Errors

Rancho Cordova, California (June 4, 2013) – The Law Offices of Adams & Corzine are offering their services to parties seeking a personal injury attorney in Rancho Cordova with extensive experience in settling and pursuing medical error claims.

According to an analysis by a leading healthcare insurance agency, payouts for medical error and malpractice cases have been steadily declining since 2003. Out of the 50 continental states, most payouts occur in Florida, New Jersey, California, Pennsylvania, and New York. In 2012, 5% of payments came from trial judgments vs. 93% from voluntary settlements by doctors, hospitals, or health care providers.

Settling cases before concluding in trial can spare all parties from additional costs, as well as mental and emotional strain. The law firm takes the necessary actions in protecting their client’s rights, as well as by working closely with medical professionals, insurance carriers, and other involved parties to resolve disputes as promptly as possible. They make sure that their clients get the compensation they deserve and guide them every step of the way in filing for their claims.

Adams & Corzine is a renowned legal practice that provides excellent representation for their clients, whether in the courtroom or against institutions who oppose their claims. Their team has the experience and training necessary to handle various cases ranging from civil litigation to medical and dental malpractice.

People seeking an experienced medical malpractice, personal injury, or accident attorney in Rancho Cordova can visit to get started today.

About The Law Offices of Adams & Corzine

The law office guides their clients through the complexities of the legal system in order to resolve their issues at the soonest possible time, with the least possible cost. Aside from medical malpractice, they handle cases of personal injury, vehicle accidents, insurance coverage, and premises liability, among others. Embedded data.

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