Flexible Business Services Seen as Vital By Many Australian Firms

Australia 19/06/2013 РToday’s competitive environment is leading many Australian firms to review the way they operate, to give themselves more agility.

Today, companies know that being able to change and adapt is key to success. Once they spot a business opportunity, they need to be able to take advantage of it quickly to prevent their competitors from doing so.More and more firms are looking at the option of a serviced office from thecluster.com.au.

The company owns top end offices in the Melbourne. A firm that wants a traditional serviced office in the city can have one. However, they also offer casual and virtual offices, which seem to be what most modern firms really want. A recent report by IBISWorld anticipates that demand for virtual and serviced offices in Australia will grow by at least 2.2% this year, which appears to be happening in the Melbourne area.

Virtual and casual offices allow firms to test the demand in Melbourne for their particular service without all of the overheads of setting up a full-scale office there. A new business can have a proper business address and someone to answer their business firm and deal with their post without all the overheads of employing someone. Studies show that customers are far more likely to have the confidence to use a firm with a proper business address than deal with a company with only a residential address.

Time is a precious commodity firms cannot afford to waste
A flexible approach to work premises also helps to keep overheads low. Not having to worry about running, an office makes a huge difference to firms of all sizes. It is surprising how much time is taken up by running a non-serviced office. Finding the right internet provider, or dealing with the maintenance of the office all takes time. This is time a business is wasting, and not using to focus on their customers. The Cluster has come up with an affordable way to free up time for businesses and entrepreneurs, so it is not really surprising that their serviced, casual and virtual services are extremely popular.

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