Results Homebuyers Offers Solutions to Avoid Des Moines Foreclosures

Des Moines, Iowa (May 16, 2013) – Results Homebuyers LLC, a local firm specializing in the purchase of different properties, is offering solutions to homeowners in Des Moines with foreclosures on their houses. The firm specializes in the pre-foreclosure or short sale process, usually finalizing sales in just a week.

When faced with possible foreclosure, homeowners are recommended to reach out to the Iowa Mortgage Help initiative for assistance. Whether they are falling behind on monthly mortgage payments or expecting financial troubles in the near future, people can contact the initiative’s team of counselors to receive advice on the best courses of action for resolving their particular concerns.

These include applying methods in managing personal finances and budgeting that can help them pay their mortgages in full and on time. They can also make and execute plans to reduce debt and restore credit. Iowa Mortgage Help offers these services at no cost, as they take into consideration that factors like distressed situations, job loss, and death in the family could have led people to their respective financial problems.

In the event that homeowners are further down on their luck and are inevitably facing foreclosures in Des Moines, they can opt to put their property on short sale with Results Homebuyers. The firm has successfully stopped plenty of foreclosures using several proven methods, and has been in the business of buying houses for more than a decade.

Their team works well in getting the cooperation of lenders, having them willingly stop the foreclosure,#and working with Results Homebuyers in completing the buying process. The firm makes this as stress-free as possible for their clients, as they handle all details and make sure that the sellers get a fair price for their house. They can often get clients offers for their property within 24 hours of their initial consultation.

Working directly with lenders, the team also diligently keeps owners informed of the current status of their short sale. Once the parties reach an agreeable sale price, the company often looks to close the purchase as quickly as possible when they get a clear title report.

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About Results Homebuyers, LLC

The Des Moines-based firm specializes in the quick purchase of houses and other property in the hopes of helping homeowners avoid foreclosure. Their clientele includes people in distressed situations, those who have become unemployed or have had a spouse pass away, and even those who are simply looking to sell property that they no longer want. Embedded data.

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