Masley Associates Provides First Class Online Computer Support

Masley Associates has been servicing computers in Orange County California and the surrounding area for quite some time now. Their technicians have over 18 years of experience working for either the US Department Of Defense or an assortment of Fortune 500 companies.

Their computer repair specialists have taken classes and passed the examinations required to be fully certified by Cisco, Novell, and Microsoft. They are one of the few Computer Repair Companies that only charges an hourly fee once they reach your site, and does not make you pay for their travel time. Masley Associates can take care of all of your firms IT needs including individual computers, entire networks, web design, search engine optimization (SEO), and much more.

They also provide very economical Online Computer Support if your company only has a minor problem. When you sign up for this service you can contact a technician at your convenience who will attempt to walk you through the problem, which of course is far less expensive and a great time saver.

If you would like to know more about Masley Associates and the various services that they provide you can look over their website by using the following URL, You can schedule an appointment or talk to one of their representatives by using the following telephone number 714-975-3656. If the matter is not too urgent, you can send them an email by using the form on the “Contact Us” page. All emails are normally answered within 24 hours.

Masley Associates was founded by Gregory Masley, who at one time was employed as the lead network engineer by the following companies St. Joseph Hospital, Orange, CA, Network Planet, Beverly Hills, CA, Network Solutions, Tustin, CA, General Dynamics, Peterson Airforce Base Colorado, Bert Howe & Associates, Anaheim, CA, and a whole host of other very prestigious organizations.

Gregory has a tremendous amount of practical experience that enables him to get the job done very quickly, which cuts down on his clients computer related expenses. When it comes to hiring a company for computer network repair you really are at the mercy of the firm that you employ.

In many instances, the technicians working for some of these firms simply do not possess the expertise required to get the job done in a timely fashion. That means that not only is your network down for a much longer period of time than it should of been, but your repair expense is much higher than it would of been if you had hired a highly qualified network engineer.

In this line of work, reputation is everything, and Masley Associates standing in the community is second to none when it comes to computer repairs services. Gregory will be more than happy to supply you a large list of references that you can contact at your leisure before you employ their firm. If and when your company does have a computer problem, all of the people that work at Masley Associates would be grateful for the opportunity to tell you more about their firm.

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