Blackstone develops training manual to benefit Home Owners Association

Effective immediately, Blackstone Management has made available a specialized training manual for the benefit of training both old and new members of local and national Home Owners Associations (HOA). The result of years of hard work, research, and development, Blackstone Management offers its HOA training manual as an indispensable tool for acclimating HOA members to their roles and responsibilities to the community.

Blackstone Management wrote its HOA training manual in response to an unaddressed need in the local and national communities for a universal standard of instruction for HOA members. Blackstone Management realized that many current HOA members were unknowledgeable regarding the responsibilities and duties of their position, and consequently, they were improperly training and ill-equipping new HOA members. By focusing on professionalism and detail, Blackstone Management’s training manual seeks to remedy this issue by providing the HOA with an overview of responsibilities and duties for both current and new members.

Prince George’s, St. Mary’s, and Charles County Boards of Directors are already using Blackstone Management’s HOA training manual, and since starting, they have reported significant increases in HOA efficiency due to the roles defined in Blackstone Management’s HOA training manual.

Blackstone Management is confident of the effectiveness of their HOA training manual, and its success in the local communities has certified that confidence. Currently, Blackstone Management wants to focus on making the success and availability of its HOA training manual known by seeking media presence on a national and global scale.

Blackstone Management’s HOA training manual is currently available for hardcopy purchase and digital download from Blackstone Management by visiting . For the user’s convenience, Blackstone Management has made its HOA training manual available for download in individual chapters or as a complete set for a reduced priced. Blackstone Management has also made the first three pages of its manual available for preview at no cost for those users interested in potentially purchasing the HOA training manual.

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