Obtain Cash Flow for your Business by Financing Accounts Receivables

Universal Funding provides capital funding to organizations to help them meet cash flow needs. Having over 65 combined years of experience, Universal Funding can provide organizations with expert knowledge so they can make payroll, pay the company bills in a timely manner, purchase necessary inventory or supplies to keep the operations running smoothly, hire personnel, grow the business or even pay taxes.

Having necessary cash flow gives business owners the ability to focus on growing the business as opposed to worrying about making payroll or paying bills. Businesses that get behind on taxes know the difficulties that arise when the IRS begins knocking at the door. When you work with Factoring invoice companies like Universal Funding, you will be able to meet your financial obligations and focus on your business needs.

Universal Funding provides capital by factoring accounts receivables (A/R) for your organization. When you have accounts receivables on the books, you have provided goods or services but you have not yet received payment for the items. Universal Funding will finance your A/R for a fee. They will then be responsible for collecting the Factoring invoice from your customers and you then have the necessary cash to keep your business afloat.

Companies that have had problems obtaining traditional bank loans in the past have found respite through Universal Funding’s working capital. Companies that have maxed out all their available credit or have experienced tax problems may be able to get financial help through Universal Funding. The company has experience working with a vast assortment or business types including manufacturing plants, printing and publishing companies, transportation organizations, staffing and temporary personnel organizations and business services industries.

When you partner with Universal Funding, you do not have to sign a long-term contract or make a long-term commitment. As part of the factoring solutions offered by Universal Funding, you will receive A/R invoice and statement management, credit management and merchant account services management. You will not have to wait while your A/R languishes on your books for months when you utilize the services providing by Universal Funding and have the necessary cash you need for your business.

Universal Funding reviews the credit worthiness of your current customers instead of looking at your credit history and cash flow situation. You will not enter debt on your balance sheet as factoring is not a loan. Universal Funding makes quick decisions regarding invoice factoring instead of taking the traditional weeks or even months that a bank would take. You can receive funding in as little as two business days when you partner with Universal Funding.

One advantage of working with Universal Funding is that the partnership is transparent. You send the invoice to your customer just as you do now with a copy to Universal Funding. Universal Funding sends a letter of introduction to your customers stating that they are your new Accounts Receivable Management Company. They confirm the amount due on the invoice and provide the customer with an address to send the outstanding payment.

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Companies can obtain necessary cash flow by factoring accounts receivables.

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