DAY Offering Premium Quality LULA Elevators

Day Elevator & Lift, a leading elevator company based in New York is offering premium quality limited use limited access elevators (LULA) at competitive prices. These systems are best suited for installation in educational settings, places of worship, and offices with up to three floors. DAY’s extensive clientele includes architects, builders, and homeowners in the Tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

The LULA elevators that DAY supplies come with most of the features of conventional high rise elevators with the advantage that they are ideal for buildings with structural and space limitations. DAY’s LULA systems are the right option for commercial facilities lacking provision for conventional vertical transportation due to structural barriers. These innovative solutions come with advanced features that offer a professional look and ensure a smooth and safe ride.

DAY’s collection features commercial LULA elevators from industry leaders such the Orion from Savaria and Serenus from Federal Elevator. These systems have the look and feel of regular commercial elevators,, but on a smaller scale. Features include:

>> Load capacity up to 1400 lbs capacity
>> Fully automatic operation
>> Automatic sliding doors
>> Efficient hydraulic drive system for smooth ride
>> Submersed pump and motor for quiet operation
>> Low pit depth and minimal overhead
>> Professional-looking and stylish features such as attractive call station, control panel and digital floor indicators
>> Modular rail construction for easy installation
>> Safety features: emergency battery back-up for lowering and interior lighting, emergency stop and alarm buttons, emergency manual lowering, safety brakes, and much more
>> Braille plates on car and hall

DAY helps to customize these commercial elevators to suit different settings. Customers can choose from options for cab finishes in architectural white or black steel, and fixture finish options, and stainless steel panels with plastic laminate in a variety of color choices.

DAY backs up its exclusive product range with prompt and efficient customer services. Professional support is made available for trouble-free installation, inspection, testing, and maintenance and repair services. DAY also provide free assessment and consultation services to help customers select the right commercial LULA elevator for their setting.

About DAY Elevator & Lift

DAY Elevator & Lift is a leading elevator and lift company in New York serving the Tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. The company is the authorized supplier of a wide range of quality accessibility equipment such as wheelchairs, stair lifts, and home and commercial elevators including LULA elevators.


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