Affinity Marketing in UK Motor and Breakdown Recovery Insurance

Drawing on the results of a survey of 2,650 organisations, the report analyses the penetration, operating models and provider share of relationships of affinity and partnership marketing schemes for motor and breakdown recovery insurance across a range of distributor categories.

These include: automotive manufacturers; banks; building societies; charities; friendly societies; internet, media and telecoms entities; online aggregators and brokers; professional associations; retailers; trade associations; and trade unions. Moreover, the PartnerBASE™ database that accompanies the report provides the granular detail behind the analysis, detailing each of more than 500 affinity and partnership marketing initiatives traced by Finaccord in this sector.

In addition, the latest analysis identifies not only the providers of motor and breakdown insurance with the most partnerships (overall, and within each category) but, for the first time and using a proprietary formula devised by Finaccord, also computes ‘weighted provider shares of partnerships’ in order to highlight the providers that are likely to hold the most valuable relationships given the characteristics of their partners.

You may be able to use this report and associated PartnerBASE™ database in one or more of the following ways:

– drill down into the detail lying behind affinity and partnership marketing schemes for motor and breakdown recovery insurance;

– gain access to research that chronicles the vast majority of affinity and partnership marketing opportunities in these two areas;

– understand not only which providers have secured the most partnerships but which are likely to hold the most valuable deals for each of motor and breakdown recovery insurance;

– benchmark the competitive position of your own organisation in affinity and partnership marketing and spot opportunities for displacing rivals;

– plan your future affinity and partnership marketing strategy in motor and breakdown recovery insurance armed with the best market and competitor intelligence available on this subject.

Together, the report and PartnerBASE™ database will provide you with the definitive guide to current and potential affinity and partnership marketing opportunities in UK motor and breakdown recovery insurance.
Executive Summary
Market Overview
Non-for-Profit Affinity Partners
Financial Partners
Commercial Partners
List of Graphics / Tables


Affinity and partnership marketing remains an important, strategic topic for financial institutions…
… as the ability of affinity and corporate partners to compete effectively has evolved over time
Organisations investigated
Finaccord’s research covers a total of 2,650 actual and potential partner organisations…
… representing virtually all entities that could be significant in this field
Calculation of weighted provider share of partnerships
Finaccord’s methodology identifies providers that are likely to hold the most valuable relationships…
… by means of formulae that take into account not only UK traffic rankings for organisations’ websites…
… but also distribution shares for each financial product or service by organisation category…
… and the total number of organisations in each category that actually distribute the product
Financial products
Operating models
PartnerBASE syntax
UK affinity and partnership marketing publications
UK consumer research publications

Affinities and partnerships in UK motor and breakdown recovery insurance
Motor insurance
Finaccord’s research identified 270 schemes for motor insurance involving an external partner…
… which are divided between 25 distributor categories
Most affinity schemes are organised via an external intermediary, not directly with an underwriter
Three organisations are ranked in the top eight for both the weighted and unweighted analysis
In the unweighted analysis, the leading provider secures its position through 38 partnerships
BISL is the market leader in the weighted analysis by virtue of its deals with large organisations…

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