Los Angeles IT Services Firm Offers Data Backup Solutions

Los Angeles, California (May 22, 2013) – TVG Consulting, a highly regarded Los Angeles IT services firm, is offering data backup solutions for the timely recovery of valuable company data and information in case of disastrous system crashes. By taking advantage of the service, companies can avoid a significant decrease in profits and productivity and resume operations as soon as possible.

System crashes may occur within a short period, but they have the potential to affect the status of the company in the long term. If data access failure persists after seven days, the company risks being among the 87% of companies that experienced the same problem and went out of business within a year. In case of a major fire that destroys all equipment and files, they might be counted among the 70% of businesses that failed within five years.

Businesses that do not possess a contingency plan in case of major disasters are more likely to experience liquidation within 18 months. To avoid this, TVG Consulting offers a Business Data Continuity Practice for a quick recovery process if business interruption occurs. Once the client declares an emergency, a certified TVG consultant provides guidance in implementing a 64-step recovery plan, which is accessible with an Internet connection.

With ProtectNOW, the firm’s proprietary business continuity application, clients are given a Software-as-a-Service model, where important company information is hosted in redundant and secure data centers. Moreover, the disaster recovery plan features masterStore, a Storage-as-a-Service that serves as a revolutionary data backup and off-site storage. The service enables companies to have failover protection in a matter of hours.

To learn more, visit www.TVGConsulting.com.

About TVG Consulting

The firm provides a wide array of IT solutions, including server/network support, desktop/helpdesk support, firewall/security management, and phone systems for Los Angeles businesses. Committed to delivering all-inclusive IT services, they also offer a fixed-fee management package that covers complete IT support services for effective IT management.

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