Overcoming The New Fast Food Era

If you compare the recent health of most American to the health of America’s fifty to sixty years ago you will seek an stark difference. During the early parts of the 20th century America was a totally different country that was based upon different morals and ethics than are found today. Also the majority of food that was eaten was home cooked and prepared in a way that was a lot more health conscious. Many meals prepare by mothers contained adequate amounts of fiber, vegetables, protein and healthy fats that would allow their children to grow.

Nowadays the home life of many families has been greatly changed, both the mother as well as the father are at work sometimes for more than 40 hours a week. This means that no one is cooking for the children! The majority of the time parents are stopping by the supermarket or fast food restaurants looking for quick meals to feed their children, busy lifestyles require fast choices in foods.

The problem with many fast food restaurants is they are loaded with fats, carbohydrates and simple sugars that make it very easy for young children to gain weight. This will be especially true if the child is not participating in any physical activities that cause them to burn calories. Tucson childhood obesity , like obesity all over America is becoming increasingly more common.

This may result in many cases of juvenile diabetes as well as heart conditions in many young children. A dietitian with a Tucson Az sports nutrition degree can help a child suffering with obesity problems. They have the training and know how to create a fast, convenient food choices that will help your child lose weight and get into shape – http://www.eastsidenutrition.com/

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