Original Lemonade Diet Still Making Headlines in 2013

Las Vegas, Nevada – It’s no secret that celebrities utilize the services of fitness & health gurus, as well as engage in private wellness practices that most people are not privy to knowing about. However, every now and again, certain classified information surfaces that may be useful to the public. This was the case in January 2013 when Yolanda Foster, star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, divulged on air about the natural lemon cleanse aka lemonade diet she was performing. “You don’t eat for ten days… you just really cleanse your entire body, which reboots your metabolism and your brain chemicals. I just felt so good doing that,” Yolanda stated. Today, Yolanda tends to an organic lemon orchard, which she grows in her own backyard.
It’s been widely publicized that singer & actress, Beyonce Knowles, followed the natural master cleanse diet in 2006 and successfully shed 20 lbs in a few short weeks. The lemonade diet is now commonly coined as Beyonce’s master cleanse or the “Beyonce diet”. Several other celebrity lemonade diet promoters have since stepped into the limelight in the past year. Anna Friel, 36-year-old British actress and star of American hit series Pushing Daisies, revealed in April of 2013 that the invigorating master cleanse recipe has been one of her top-secret regimens to maintaining a youthful appearance. Country singing sensation and lemonade diet advocate, Jake Owens, admitted in March of the same year that he was embarking on a full week of the liquid lemonade diet recipe. “I’m not an alcoholic or anything, but I like drinking beers and I like having fun with my friends. After having a child and being married and trying to balance all this, I realized that all I was doing was adding more toxic stuff into myself,” he says. “This is the only way to really take your body and… clear yourself completely of any bad stuff that’s in it.”
There are many different versions of the lemonade diet recipe circulating around the press in present day. However, it is important that cleansers are aware that there is only one original & time tested master cleanse recipe created by the founder of this diet, and it is a liquid only recipe. The master cleanser diet plan states that solid foods must be abstained from during the duration of the cleansing period. Eating solid food hinders detoxification & impedes weight loss results. This is the reason it is important to follow the guidelines set forth in the original “Master Cleanser” book. One of the main integral purposes of the lemonade diet is to clear the intestinal tract of toxins and give it a rest from digesting solid foods. When done properly, 1200+ calories are generally consumed each day. The body takes in enough calories to function for the 7-10 day recommended period, but in a liquid form.
The age-old master cleanse diet, created as a liquid detoxification regimen in 1941 by naturopathic dietitian, Stanley Burroughs, has captured the attention and appreciation of thousands of individuals from across the world. The health-giving lemonade cleanse regimen claims to help alleviate a series of digestive and colon problems, junk food & drug cravings, allergies, high blood pressure, and more. Many natural healers hold strong to the belief that regular detoxification of the intestines can help to maintain a fuller and healthier life. The wholesome master cleanse recipe is a cleansing method that can help achieve a healthier body — both fast & effectively.

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