Pioneer is an Innovative Niche Social Networking Site

Niche social networking sites are gaining in popularity and is a pioneer in the field by developing a platform geared toward Scottish clans. Now people of Scottish descent can gather virtually from any part of the world and connect with clansmen or make new friends with people of other clans. While other social networking sites connect anyone who wants to join and niche sites connect people with similar tastes, uniquely allows people to virtually maintain their Scottish Networks.

The platform has a variety of options for users including posting and sharing videos and photos and creating a blog. The beauty of the site is that users do not have to go from one platform to another to post what they want. Once registered, users can create a blog of their own right in the platform instead of having to create it somewhere else and share it in a social networking site. They can upload and edit photos without having to use a digital photo editor to make the photos look the way they like. They can even share photos and videos with their connections right inside their own blogs. Or they can share on other social networking sites with the click of a button.

Once you register at, you can you have access to a vast Scotland Social Network and you can even search the world’s largest genealogy database so you can find long-lost relatives. No matter where you are in the world, you can stay in contact with your clan and meet, talk and share information with clans worldwide.

With, you have your own email account when you sign up. You can email back and forth with your clan without having to go back and forth between the platform and your email account. makes it easy to maintain relationships.

You can also host a virtual or a real-time event at the social networking site. Just create an event, share it with the people you want to invite and the site will send out the invites, collect RSVPs and even update everyone if there is a change. You can allow people to invite others to the event and if the event is in real time, you can post a map showing the location.

And if you visit the site and register quickly, you become eligible to win one of two phenomenal prizes. One lucky winner will be able to take three friends to the 2014 Ryder Cup. All event passes, hotel and airfare accommodations are included in the package which has been valued at $50,000. Another lucky winner will win a deluxe Caribbean cruise aboard Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.

There is no cost to join so users can sign up for free and begin to enjoy all the benefits available on the site. Maintain relationships with your own clan, meet new people from Scottish networks around the world, create events and share your photos, videos and your blog with your loved ones anywhere in the world. Embedded data.

Lucky winners will be eligible for one of two deluxe prizes when they register for Scottish social networking site

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