Discover An Innovative Drug Treatment Florida Program, Available From Florida House Experience

If you are looking for an alternative to traditional rehab centers in Florida, you want to discover the difference that Florida House Experience can make for you. This is a unique center that does not use the traditional 28-day treatment model. That model has been found to be minimally successful in alcohol and drug addiction treatment, which is part of what makes the Florida House Experienced different.

They understand and recognize that your addiction is a disease, and it requires long-term, innovative and specialized rehabilitation, along with extensive exploration of your particular issues, namely your family system. Recovery comes in a variety of phases, including medically monitored and safe drug and alcohol detox, gradual transitions into lower levels of care, and ultimately, sober living once again. Accredited and licensed by the Commission Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, the Florida House Experience is a residential Drug Treatment Florida and sober living community.

They provide the most extraordinary, highly experienced and highly trained medical and clinical professionals, all with specific areas of medical and drug rehabilitation to help you overcome your disease. People from across the US have come to the Florida House Experience, the recovery capital of the world, to regain their lives from their disease, and enjoy clean, beautiful, sober life once again. This addiction treatment center provides a variety of care and programs, including intensive outpatient, residential rehab, medical detox, partial hospitalization and sober living.

They are a gender specific alcohol detox center, with the most comprehensive addiction treatments available today. With every aspect of your addiction treatment tailored to your needs, encourages sobriety and strength, with a proven residential treatment program. No matter what occupation you come from, the disease of addiction, which is why the Florida House Experience provides its services to everyone, everywhere, including airline pilots, physicians, lawyers and everyone else that needs help.

These specialized programs are tailored to every individual and provide a support based, private and nurturing sober living environment. With programs such as professionals, family outreach, dual diagnosis and aftercare, the Florida House Experience strives to provide you with the most customized, highest quality care available, from your medical detox all the way up to your ultimately sober life once again. With a very high staff to patient ratio, you will be able to experience the safest, most effective and highest quality treatment services available anywhere in the country.

The Florida House Experience is a lush paradise, located on three acres, less than a mile from the stunning beaches of sunny south Florida. You and your loved one will be able to take this journey together, and relearn a life of sobriety, recovery and leading new, exciting and wholesome lifestyle once again. Although many people feel that there is no hope, the care, concern and encouragement that you will receive from everyone at the Florida House Experience, will provide you with the best opportunity available to rid yourself of any drug or alcohol addiction. To find out more, you are encouraged to visit them on the Internet at, or you can call them anytime, toll-free at 866-421-6242. Embedded data.

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