DVD Creator for Mac Available for Free at iSkySoft.Com

iSkySoft offers the best DVD Burner for Mountain Lion, which allows users to create a disk in a few clicks only, or edit one in several sessions. It is free to download on the company’s website and is a secure, 100% virus-free download. Besides the Mac version, there is also one for Windows OS. Both are available on the same page and are easy to install and use regardless of one’s computer skills.

Besides the free software to install, iSkysoft also provides tips about burning on Mountain Lion. Besides being very recent, Mountain Lion is on top of the list of all Mac operating systems at the moment. Additionally, Mac is now being used by more and more people, as Apple has made serious improvements when it comes to implementing its solutions. Mountain Lion is many steps further from the previous operating systems for Mac. Its new features include a game center, messages, Facebook, calendar and iCloud integration. The only drawback is the missing iDVD, since users rather download now from websites or use the iCloud. New Mac computers do not come with the iDVD. Therefore, anyone wanting to burn a DVD will need a good alternative to this one

Check this link to find out how to burn DVDs on Mountain Lion and access the download page.

Users who do not have the iDVD software installed will find iSkySoft’s solution as the best DVD Burner for Mountain Lion. For people’s convenience, the product can be downloaded straight from the company’s website. Its user-friendly interface and the simple but effective options make it the ideal solution for creating DVDs with varied content and for extensive use.

Using the iSkySoft DVD Creator for Mac is very simple. Only three basic steps have to be completed to burn a disc: drag and drop the video or other files that you want to burn right into the application, use the menu template to create a beautiful DVD menu, then check any optional settings and burn the disk. More tips about how to use the program are available on the iSkySoft website. Users will learn how to personalize the disc menu by copying one they like or generating an original design, or to disable the existent one. Further personalization advice is available. The discs created through this software are compatible with any home DVD player.

About the company:
iSkySoft Studio was formed in 2004 as a multimedia software developer, advancing free solutions for Mac users. With Apple’s growing popularity, it is now a leading solutions provider that offers 100% safe downloads, among which the PDF editors, DVD creators, video converters and many more programs created for Mac platforms.

To download the free DVD Creator for Mac or Windows and many more other free solutions go to http://www.iskysoft.com/

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