Easter Island Poised to See Largest Surfing Swells in May

If lounging in a bikini by the gentle surf of a beach in southern California is your idea of a great ocean experience, chances are you are not a surfer. This rugged set tends to prefer rough seas, huge waves and record-breaking swells. Unfortunately, surfers are often at the mercy of Mother Nature who can be fickle at best in providing consistent swells in any given location. Profession surfers often circle the globe, searching for the perfect spot to find rolling waves in which to practice their craft. Many surfers must travel thousands of miles to find ideal conditions and surfing tournaments are built around weather forecasts for remote locations where the water action is expected to be the best in the world at a given time.

For surfers in the South Pacific, May could be the best time to don board shorts and head out to meet massive swells and once-in-a-lifetime combers in one of the most remote locations on earth. According to experts, this month is predicted to be the pinnacle of the surfing season for the Under World.

While the majority of those wearing wetsuits and carrying boards this season will be bound to less remote locations, those who can travel to more remote locations may find the area around Easter Island to be the best bet for seeing this season’s greatest swells.

Easter Island, located nearly 2,200 miles from the Chilean coast and more than 1,200 miles from Pitcairn Island, its closest neighbor, is the most remote island known to have native inhabitants. The Rapa Nui are the indigenous tribe located on this remote island and have lived here for thousands of years.

Because of the island’s remote location, it receives swells from all directions. In fact, the Rapa Nui have a saying about Easter Island: if a whale breaches anywhere in the Pacific, the ripples will eventually find their way to the island.

That will definitely be the case in May when serious surfers from around the globe converge on this remote island to try their hand at its massive swells. The anti-cyclonic effects of storms across the Pacific will give a 20 percent consistency rating–the highest of the year–to Easter Island combers.

While on Easter Island, surfers can also explore the fascinating and mysterious culture evidenced by the monoliths or Maoi statutes, 300-ton chunks of volcanic rock that were shaped and placed on Easter Island by long-ago inhabitants for unknown reasons.

Easter Island is poised to be May’s world-class destination for surfing and for exploring the ancient mysteries of the South Pacific.

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