Consumer Approaches to Card Protection Insurance in Spain

Based on a primary survey of over 1,000 consumers carried out in the second half of 2012, the research provides valuable data describing the extent to which Spanish consumers with debit and / or credit cards take out card protection insurance.

In addition to calculating the percentage of cardholders holding card protection insurance in Spain, the investigation also analyses the types of policy that they hold (i.e. insurance that they are paying for separately or ‘free’ cover), the range of features and services that they believe that their insurance includes, and the distribution channels and interfaces used to take out card protection insurance paid for separately.

Finally, the report measures the extent to which respondents with card protection insurance actually use their policy to make a claim or call for assistance, thereby calculating the implied annual ratio of usage to total policies in force in Spain.

Key features of this report include:

– robust analyses showing the percentage of cardholders that acquire card protection insurance in Spain, the potential for this proportion to grow further and how cross-selling rates differ between debit and credit cards;

– the key segmentation of insured respondents between those that report acquiring their card protection policy at no additional cost (i.e. bundled with an added value account or payment card) and those making a separate payment for it;

– unique data describing the proportion of Spanish cardholders stating that their insurance provides them with particular features and services, including whether it covers all of their own cards plus those of other family members;

– accurate statistics illustrating the extent to which sales of card protection insurance are made through remote interfaces (i.e. internet, telephone and post) as well as through face-to-face contact;

– reliable information displaying how many insured cardholders in Spain actually use their policy each year and, among those that do, whether they do so once, twice or three or more times.

Executive Summary
Survey Analysis
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Uptake of payment cards
Segmentation by age group, annual household income, employment status and gender
Uptake of card protection insurance
Policies acquired at no additional cost and policies paid for separately
Segmentation by type of payment card held
Segmentation by age group, annual household income, employment status and gender
Features and services of card protection insurance
Reported frequency of availability
Number and ownership of cards covered
Distribution of card protection insurance
Distribution channels and interfaces
Cross-tabulation of distribution channels and interfaces
Usage of card protection insurance
Frequency of usage to make claims or to call for assistance

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