Emerald Knight Offers Renewable Energy Investment Options

London, United Kingdom (April 22, 2013) – Emerald Knight is offering, for a limited period, renewable energy investment options. This is just one of the many selections that are part of their alternative investment portfolio.

Renewables are one of the fastest growing areas in alternative investment as corporations and governments focus on green initiatives. Particularly, with a global legislation that aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, more than a hundred countries have put up policies and initiatives that would help improve the condition of the environment by 2020.

Their self-invested personal pension-approved renewable energy project has some key points, which include a projected 19% return on investment over the term of the plan and a low entry level fee of 10,860 GBP or roughly 12,800 EUR. It also has a supplier warranty in place to ensure production returns are achieved, as well other stipulations that secure the investors’ capital.

@According to the Renewable Energy Global Status Report, only 16% of all global energy consumption comes from renewables as of 2011. Some of the main forms of renewable energy include biomass, wind, solar, biofuel, and geothermal.

Emerald Knight believes that this sector has the potential to produce a realistic alternative fuel source for the future, securing both the future of the environment and the reliance of governments on other forms to fulfill their energy needs.

The company is an award-winning enterprise, recently winning an ACQ Award for the second consecutive year, a gold award for Best Alternative Investment Service and silver for Best Alternative Investment Product in the 2011 OPP Awards. They are also a businessGreen Leaders Award finalist in 2011, as well as recognized by The New Europe Fast 50 and Trees of Life.

To learn more, visit www.emeraldknightconsultants.com and download their free investment guide.

About Emerald Knight Ltd

Emerald Knight is an award-winning and Gibraltar and UK-registered leader in socially responsible investing in the country. Some of their projects include renewable energy, bamboo, forestry, and timber investments.

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