has Given Almost a Million Picture Makeovers Online, a Free Photo Retouching Online tool, recently announced that it has enhanced 964,436 portraits as of this reporting.

“We are overwhelmed by the response since we launched our Picture Makeover Online tool. A million pictures have been enhanced using our very easy to use online photo retouching service,” exclaimed a spokesperson for PinkMirror.

“Retouching portraits has never been so easy. With online photo retouching you can tap into automated features that will give you enhanced images in a snap,” she added.

Some of the features of this photo enhancing tool include:

* Remove Skin Spots – Ugly marks like facial scars can be easily removed using this online photo retouching tool.

* Face Slimming – The face slimming feature helps you to slim and lift the fat round cheeks and gives your face a trimmed look.

* Rosy face – The digital camera might have captured some wrong shades and hues. Users can use PinkMirror in retouching portraits reveal a healthy skin tone.

*Red Eye Removal – the platform automatically detects and removes red eyes on images. Red eyes commonly occur when pictures are taken in low-light conditions.

*Glowing Smooth Skin – Users can transform their dry skin appearance on portraits with a few clicks of the button and get that smooth, supple, soft, glow on their skin.

*Wrinkle Reduction – Who wants wrinkles on their portraits? PinkMirror erases the signs of aging and make people look longer if they want to.

* Wider Eyes – Bigger eyes on an image increases the cuteness of the face, and they will make the face appear as those of an innocent child.

* Eye Brightening – Add the sparkle in your eyes. Eye Brightening feature to add the brightness into your eyes for more liveliness and clarity.

* Teeth Whitening – Nothing compares to a great set of teeth as displayed by an ear-to-ear smile in an image. You can use the Teeth Whitening feature to make your teeth or smile as white as you like.

* Nose Shaping – The nose is the most outstanding part of any facial photo, and a properly shaped nose will make a typical photo much better. is the perfect corner of the internet for those who hobby photographers that want to have a perfect portrait and for editors who are not satisfied until they can see a photograph as a masterpiece.

Online photo retouching makes it possible for anyone to edit their pictures on the go. Users just have to go to PinkMirror and take advantage of the free photography retouching services.

The site also offers a premium service that allows downloading of larger photo formats. For a dollar, consumers can get three print quality photos. A higher $5-package gives photo enthusiasts 23 images.

PinkMirror provides free online virtual makeover without the need for registration. Retouching old photos in an instant is the mission of the website.

“The magical transformation can be achieved in a few seconds to a few minutes of using our online picture makeover tool,” said the company representative. According to PinkMirror, it is planning to enhance its services to provide photography enthusiasts a better tool to perfect their images.

PinkMirror is set to hit the million photos mark before the end of 2013, and for that the free online virtual makeover tool extends its gratitude to its users.

For more information please visit Embedded data. is an online portrait retouching tool that is free to use. It has very easy to use features that allow photo enthusiasts to enhance images in minutes.

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