DAY Offering a Complete Range of Top Brand Home Elevators in Queens

In keeping with the rising demand for housing in Queens, DAY Elevator and Lift is offering a range of top brand home elevators for the residents of this populous New York borough. A trusted name in the supply of accessibility equipment in the Tri-state area of New Jersey, New York and Connecticut, DAY focuses on providing safe and comfortable accessibility solutions for both indoor and outdoor use. Customers in Queens may benefit from special prices from DAY for their residential elevators if purchase is out of medical necessity,

The home elevators that DAY is offering customers in Queens include models from industry leaders such as Savaria and Federal Elevator. They are

>> Infinity
>> Eclipse
>> Telecab

Federal Elevator
>> Renaissance Elevator
>> Panorama

These residential elevators are built to offer durable, long-term service and ensure compliance with necessary safety standards. Customers can choose from models that offer from two to eight stops with varying speeds and load capacities.

Savaria’s home elevators are easy to install. The Infinity comes with an efficient hydraulic drive system that ensures a smooth comfortable ride. The Eclipse is a space-saving option that does not need a machine room and can be set up in both new and existing buildings. The Telecab features a modern design and involves minimal construction as it does not require a hoistway. Its enclosed drive tower ensures that mechanical components remain out of sight.

Both the systems from Federal Elevator, Renaissance and Panorama, residential elevator offer an excellent load capacity of 1000 lbs and a maximum speed of 50 feet per minute. They are ideal for high rise buildings with up to 7-8 stops. The Panorama also facilitates the transport of heavy goods such as laundry, groceries, and furniture from floor to floor.

In addition to their state-of-the-art features, these elevators have a wide range of customizable options for cab platform, car gates, operating panels, interior panels, hall stations, and fixtures.

As a responsible elevator and lift company, DAY does not limit itself to merely providing elevators. Residential and commercial buyers in Queens are assured of end-to-end post-purchase support with free site assessment, guidance to choose the right option, and installation service. Timely inspection, testing, maintenance and repair services are provided to help avoid compliance issues and accidents. Queens’ victims of Hurricane Sandy may be eligible for a discount from DAY for inspection and maintenance services.

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