The e-Flip Standard Makes EBook Goals Attainable

EBooks have taken the publishing world by storm as dozens of companies and writers have been able to side step the process of waiting for traditional publishing by a book publisher and are producing books on their own. Another benefit that has come along with this fast-growing trend is the benefit to the environment by saving paper. Saving paper means saving our trees and with World Environment Day approaching on June 5, 2013, this is just one more incentive to consider the EBook as a publishing option.

Enter eFlip Standard. eFlip Standard is a new software that provides all the tools needed to create high quality EBooks on multiple platforms. The best part is perhaps that it is greener and helps the environment more than the traditional book. This software makes EBooks with attractive page flipping effects from normal computer documents and now anyone may log onto their site to give it a try.

The user-friendly website makes getting started simple. Users are able to publish unlimited publications online and share them with others via email, social media, or distribute on CD-ROM. It is a viable way to self-publish and is available for PC and Mac.

eFlip Standard has several premium features that make it a veritable ¡°one stop shop”for merchants, authors, companies, and anyone in need of publications that stand out from the standard EBook model. Some of the features include: creating digital publications from PDF, Microsoft Office and Open Office; providing a virtual bookshelf that displays the Eflips; free upload service; capability of creating Android Apps; converting PDF and Office files to the ePub, Mobi and more and more than 20 templates available to choose from for a more professional look.

When using the flipbook software, security is always a concern online. And with the eFlip book it is important to note that it works exclusively on the purchasers¡¯ website. No one can copy or use the flipping book outside of the owner. EFlip protects buyers flipping book publications with several layers of security, from simple passwords and encryption, to restricting them to be displayed only on specific websites. Those in need of protecting their publications from being copied, will be able to set a watermark while publishing their books.

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