EZ1 Discusses the Options for Release in the Bail Out Process

Howell, Michigan (May 6, 2013) – EZ1 is discussing the options for release in the bail out process They educate distressed detainees on what is required for them to be released from jail while awaiting the time of court proceedings. By contributing this knowledge, the company ensure that defendants are aware of their alternatives before obtaining a bail bond.

For minor infractions, arrestees may be released with either a citation release or a personal recognizance. The former, also known as a “cite out”, provides the arrestee with an issuance of a citation, wherein they are informed of their required appearance on the appointed court date. The personal recognizance or the PR, on the other hand, is at the judge’s discretion, furnishing them with a written commitment to appear in court.

Capable individuals may choose the cash bail, where they must post the full bail amount with either cash or a cashier’s check. Upon the resolution of the case, they may refund the entire amount of the bail. Serving as a collateral, defendants may obtain release from jail by posting a property bond. Property equity must be at least 150% of the total amount of the bond. The court has the power to foreclose the property if the defendant fails to adhere to the court requirements.

Defendants who are unqualified for a PR or a cite out and are unable to post a cash bail or a property bond can post a bail bond, also known as a Surety Bond. EZ1 adheres to the state mandate of a 10% charge based on the bail amount. After gathering all relevant information on the situation, the licensed agent posts the bail bond on behalf of the defendant and their indemnitor.

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