The Equity Point Group Opens New Hostel in Prague

The Equity Point Group, a provider of quality and economical hostels in London, Madrid, and other major cities in Europe, recently opened their newest branch in Prague. The hostel is located near the Old Town Square and other key spots in the capital of the Czech Republic.

Built right at the heart of the old town, Equity Point Prague was once a classic building, which the company has now refurbished into an elegant hostel. It is situated on Ostrovni Street, next to the Slavia Cafe, and about five minutes’ walking distance from the Charles Bridge.

It features wooden floors, granite staircases, bathrooms with colored tiles, and double window panes that are built to preserve indoor heat during the winter season. It also boasts of a wide facade and an interior courtyard large enough to let natural light into all of the hostel’s 26 rooms.

Moreover, Equity Point Prague also has a comfortable lounge with a huge sofa as its centerpiece. This area was made to accommodate guests who want to relax while watching movies and sporting events. On the other hand, its bar and dining room area is a haven for tourists who want to unwind in the afternoon or grab a couple of local Czech beers for a nightcap. The hostel also offers other amenities like a launderette with washing machines and dryers. These can be found in the basement, which is fashioned like a cave with stone walls.

With a chain of quality hostels throughout Europe, the Equity Point Group offers strategically located accommodations for travelers of different ages and backgrounds. They particularly serve people looking for a hostel in Madrid, Barcelona, Girona, Marrakech, London, Lisbon, and also in New York City.

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About The Equity Point Group

The company works with over 250 different groups to provide quality hostels in London, Barcelona, Prague, and New York City, among other tourist hotspots around the globe. All their accommodations have fire security installations and their staff are adept in providing comfort, assistance, and exceptional customer service to all their guests. Embedded data.

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